Twentyfour has a strong focus on sustainability and we want to do our part and contribute to corporate social responsibility. Through a strong foundation in ethics, we at Twentyfour want to contribute to a more sustainable future. We continuously work on improving measures regarding the environment, climate and society. We act responsibly by focusing on creating more sustainable clothing and ensuring a value chain in line with ethical principles. We are always open to change and the world, we are up-to-date and have the courage to continuously explore new developments for our clothing. Our responsible and renowned purchasing practices will continue to be a role model for other businesses. Twentyfour works for future-oriented, responsible and sustainable growth.

«Twentyfour is about good craftsmanship. Every day we strive for designing the most fashionable and functional outdoor clothing with a strong focus on quality and sustainability.» – Ingvild, Trine & Linda, Designers



We at Twentyfour care about the environment and we want to make our production as sustainable as possible. Therefore, we have a desire to focus on recycling and reuse. We know that textile production is a burden on the environment and by focusing on the products’ lifetime, we can help extend the lifecycle per product and limit overproduction. Thus, Twentyfour offers durable products. We focus on sustainability when designing our products, and the best thing that can be done for the environment is to choose good quality products that meet one’s needs, and that can withstand everyday use. In addition to keeping warm and dry, the fabrics should be able to withstand repeated washing. We are committed to guaranteeing that the clothes keep color, shape and quality after wash. Therefore, we test wash all our garments at the testing stage, in order to ensure that they can withstand everyday use. We always recommend following the instructions on the washing label inside the clothing to prolong the lifetime of the garments.


Member of Ethical Trade Norway

Twentyfour has worked with cooperating partners for many years and focuses on ethics and social responsibility in the supplier chain. We are a proud member of Ethical Trade Norway and submit annual production system reports. We have employees specially assigned to ensure the quality of our products. Our commitment to ethical and socially responsible business practices means supplier chain clothing must not contain allergenic or carcinogenic colour dyes.


Fluorocarbon-free impregnation

Twentyfour does not use fluoride in our impregnation. To keep the outer fabric water-repellent, we recommend re-impregnating the garment after some washing.


Animal Welfare and Environment

We do not want to support poor animal welfare or harmful environmental practices. We do not use real fur or leather in our garments, only imitations made from PU and suppliers must certify this for each production.

We do not use wool in our products from sheep that have been subjected to mulesing. Suppliers must certify this for each production.

We continuously work to reduce the air freight of our goods and set ourselves annual reduction targets to limit using aircraft as a transport method.